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The CFDE Workbench Processed Data Search allows searching across participating Common Fund programs' contributed processed data which includes Knowledge Graph Assertions, the Crosscut Metadata Model (C2M2) metadata about raw files, Attribute Tables and Sparse Matrices (XMTs). The files themselves and the contents of these processed data files can be located and related content navigated to.

Quick Start Tips

Search works like many other search engines.

unquoted texttext not inside quote marks will be converted to boolean AND
"quoted text"text inside quote marks will be converted to bigrams (ordering preserved)
orthe word "or" will be converted to boolean OR
-texta dash will apply an exclusion to the following text

Here are some representative queries:

Search textExplanation
nephropathy diabeticFinds records that contain both the term 'diabetic' and the term 'nephropathy', not necessarily in that order
gtex or sparcMatches any document from GTEx or sparc
"knowledge graph" -eqtlMatches knowledge graph (but not graph knowledge) but not records containing "eqtl"