Archiving Service

The DRC is offering the archiving of select tools, databases, and portals from CFDE participating CF programs using low-cost Amazon Glacier Deep Archive for backup and archiving.

The goal of this activity is that these resources could be restored in the future long-term if hosting by their producers is no longer possible.

The archive is organized by DCC, application, and a timestamp of when the snapshot was created. Each snapshot is a .zip archive containing what is needed to bring it back up, including database dumps, source code, and Docker containers to run the application and any its dependencies.

The current set of archives are listed below:

s3://cfde-archive/LINCS/ GB
s3://cfde-archive/LINCS/ GB
s3://cfde-archive/LINCS/ GB

The archived resources are accessible via AWS S3, and can be downloaded with Requester Pays. See this user guide for more details.

If you are interested in contributing to the archive, please contact us at